San Diego Psychologist, Keynote Speaker and Father Involvement Researcher, Dr. Daniel Singley

“I work with clients who seek to improve their quality of life, with a particular focus on men, couples, and new parenthood. My clients take part in scientifically-supported psychotherapy treatments to more effectively manage a variety of issues including anxiety, stress, and depression. By learning to apply well-researched psychological techniques, clients are able to experience considerably higher quality of life and long-lasting relief from their concerns.”

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Therapy for Optimal Cognitive Health

Patients receive strategic, focused, science-based psychotherapy treatment which balances support and challenge. Dr. Singley’s therapeutic approach gives patients the tools they need to set clear goals and manage their own lives more successfully in an ongoing way rather than attending weekly therapy sessions year after year.

“Dr. Singley’s straight-forward approach helped me to learn skills to manage my stress and develop better ways to connect with my friends and family. I now have the tools I need to live the life I always wanted.”

– Joaquín, Engineer
San Diego, CA

New Parents Classes and Coaching

Dr. Singley's mission is to help men become confident, engaged fathers and to coach couples to practice the relationship skills they need to support each other in the transition from ‘couple’ to ‘family.’

“My husband and I got so much out of Dr. Singley’s coaching sessions because he helped us to be proactive parents who work together as a team.”

San Diego, CA

Basic Training for New Dads

Unique, Guy-Friendly, Dad-Focused Parenting Classes in San Diego! Basic Training for New Dads classes help men become confident, engaged fathers by giving them clear, hands-on instruction about common challenges in new fatherhood. Dr. Singley provides the tools to help new fathers and dads-to-be in San Diego feel confident about fatherhood - even if they've never held a baby in their lives!

New Parents “Bootie Camp”

New Parents "Bootie Camp" for Couples gives couples concrete tools to keep their relationship strong during the transition from ‘couple’ to ‘family.’