Dr. Singley’s Expertise Working with New Parents

Dr. Singley’s expertise in working with men and couples navigating new parenthood is rooted in a keen understanding of parenting research and best clinical practices combined with his own “on the job” learning as a husband and father of two.

His focus is on teaching men concrete techniques to be highly engaged with their infants as well as their partners. Having worked with hundreds of men, women, and couples to optimize their experience during pregnancy and the first year after the baby’s birth, Dr. Singley is San Diego’s premier provider of “guy-friendly” classes and counseling for new parents and new fathers.

Basic Training for New Dads (BTND)

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Basic Training for New Dads teaches new dads the “brass tacks” information and skills they need to hit the ground running in their new role as a parent.

Dr. Singley’s approach to parent education empowers new dads and couples by teaching them how to anticipate challenges, to effectively manage the inevitable stressors, and to strengthen the connections among all the members of their newly-expanded family. New fathers have a great deal to offer their babies and partners—and BTND gives them the tools they need to stay actively involved for a lifetime.

Dr. Singley was awarded a First Five Innovative Program grant in 2008 in order to develop the highly successful Basic Training for New Dads classes. He developed these “dads-only” classes based on evidence-based practices which help expectant dads and fathers of babies to feel confident about staying highly involved with their babies, partners, and social support network.

Todays’ fathers are expected to be more highly involved with their partners and children than ever before. While that involvement can be hugely rewarding, men commonly feel lost and stretched thin during the transition to new fatherhood.

Although managing the demands of work, a new baby, mom, friends, and family is often considered “on the job” training, Dr. Singley has expertise in working with men and couples to give them the information and tools they need to minimize stress and thrive during a pivotal turning point in their lives.

New Parents “Bootie Camp”

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Couples experience unique joys and challenges during the transition to parenthood, and research shows that their relationship satisfaction decreases immediately after the birth of a child. However, there are a number of straight-forward steps that new moms and dads can take in order to keep their relationship strong while also being highly engaged parents of their new baby.

Relaxed Format

These classes are NOT psychotherapy, but rather a structured forum for new/expectant dads to connect and get information about how to optimize the transition becoming a father. For more information on these classes and coaching, see the information contained on the individual pages for each.

Couples experiencing infertility, pregnant couples, “expectant dads,” and couples with a new baby alike have all learned to manage their issues and to work together more collaboratively by working with Dr. Singley.