Its Not Always Easy..

Expecting a child is an exciting time, and marks the onset of one of the biggest identity changes in a person's life. It can be wonderful, and it can be really stressful, and its almost always both.

Understandably, this transition can change the dynamics in a relationship and can introduce issues that a couple has never considered.

The great news in that there are specific, teachable skills that can help couples keep their relationship strong during the transition to parenthood.

A dip in relationship satisfaction is very common after the birth of a child, but it isn't inevitable if you are proactive about common issues that develop for new parents.

Sessions will Cover These Topics:
  • Stress management
  • Effective communication
  • Collaborating as a team
  • Getting and giving support
  • Practicing “hands-on” parenting skills

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"Bootie Camp" Coaching Format

"Bootie Camp" begins with collaborative goal-setting and consists of 4-6 intensive, 1-hour relationship coaching sessions. Sessions will cover tried and true techniques that teach you how to be the best co-parents and partners you can be.

“My husband and I got so much out of the coaching sessions because they helped us to be proactive parents who work together as a team.”

- Alexis, Marketing Executive
San Diego, CA