Flourishing Fathers: Applying Positive Psychology Research through an Intersectional Lens

Event Details

Dr. Singley is the keynote speaker for this event

Conference summary: The annual PSI conference provides an opportunity to meet, learn together, and share ideas with others involved in the field of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMDs)

Conference purpose: The purpose of the conference is to bring together and inform medical and mental health providers, childbirth professionals, support and resource providers, caregivers, policy-makers, researchers, volunteers, families, and educators who want to improve their understanding of PMDs and improve their ability to serve pregnant, postpartum, and post pregnancy-loss families

Event URL: https://www.postpartum.net/professionals/conference-2020/

  • Agenda:
    • July 8-9: PSI 2-Day Pre-Conference Certificate Course, “Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Components of Care”.
    • July 10-12: Main PSI Conference, expert keynotes and breakouts
    • July 10 Lunch: Hickman Research Award; Honikman Award
    • July 10: Poster Display & Session
    • July 10 Evening: Member Reception; Donor Reception
    • July 10 Evening: Climb out of the Darkness & Friday Night Dinner
    • Sunday morning, July 12: 3-hour indepth expert seminars (Psychopharmacology; Psychotherapy; Peer Support)
    • Sunday Advanced Trainings include:
      • Advanced PMH psychotherapy training for Certification (6 hour)
      • Justice & Advocacy: Expert Witness Course (6 hour)