When Kids Have Kids: Supporting Teen Dads

Event Details

Dr. Singley is the keynote speaker for this virtual conference

Conference summary: This virtual conference aims for attendees to gain program-specific professional development, share best practices, and learn skills to better serve the expectant and parenting teens.

Conference organizer: This conference is sponsored by Pennsylvania’s Departments of Education and Human Services, in partnership with Center for Schools and Communities

Event URL: https://electconference.center-school.org/

Attendees Include: attendance is solely for Pennsylvania residents that are affiliated with an ELECT program including: personnel employed by the 29 ELECT grantees (program coordinators, case managers, ELECT grantee management and data specialists); representatives of ELECT subcontracts (i.e. Communities In Schools, Guidance Center; Community Action Partnership); case managers/personnel who deal directly with ELECT participants and are subcontracted by the ELECT school district/intermediate unit program; and representatives of any cyber or charter schools serving students in the state of Pennsylvania