Women’s Mental Health Day Conference, Keynote Address

Event Details

Dr. Singley is the keynote speaker for this event.

Conference Flyer: Womens Mental Health Day Conference May 2017 (PDF)

Conference Summary: This conference focuses on identification, prevention and intervention of mental health issues occurring during pregnancy and postpartum.

Conference Organizer: CUMMING SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Office of Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development

Event URL: http://cumming.ucalgary.ca/cme/event/2017-05-12/womens-mental-health-day-conference

Attendees Include: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers and Other Health Professionals, Midwives, Pharmacists, Residents and Trainees

Keynote Description:

Men’s Perinatal Mental Health: Supporting Fathers and Families

  • Describe key psychosocial elements in the transition to fatherhood and men’s perinatal mental health
  • Cite examples of how fatherhood involvement impacts the family system
  • List evidence-based approaches to better engage fathers with perinatal services, with their children, and with their partners during pregnancy and early parenthood