CME Men’s Groups in San Diego. Unique Support Groups for Men

Our psychologists have facilitated men’s groups for a number of years, and the experience is one in which participants treat the group as a kind of “social laboratory” in which to try out some new behaviors and ways of interacting with others.

Who are these men’s groups for?

All of the members are males who are interested in working on some type of issue such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship concerns, social isolation – and who want to get support as they do so.

What happens in a support group meeting?

During group meetings, members work collaboratively to keep each other accountable and providing a mix of support and appropriate challenge for each other as they work toward their treatment goals. members regularly have between-session assignments to complete including readings, worksheets, or practicing techniques covered during sessions. Showing respect for each other and maintaining other members’ confidentiality are requirements to take part.

When are the meetings?

Group meeting times, days, and lengths vary – your psychologist facilitator will discuss the specifics with you, and each group consists of between 5-8 members.

How can I join a group?

New members may join on a rolling basis until reaching the maximum of eight participants, at which point, the facilitator begins a wait list for a separate group. Potential participants should contact us to get more specific information regarding the current availability of group seats.