Men’s Mental Health is discussed in “The Mental Health Struggles of Men” – KPBS Interview with Dr. Dan Singley

Jade Hindmon from San Diego’s National Public Radio affiliate KPBS interviews Dr. Dan Singley on Midday Edition on the topic of men’s mental health, masculinity and stigma.

Their conversation takes on some challenging topics including:

  • What are the challenges men face when it comes to mental health?
  • How can we support and encourage men to get help when they need it?
  • Is society’s definition of “masculinity” a barrier?
  • How does Dr. Singley define masculinity?
  • How can we improve mens mental health?
  • How do mens groups help men? What happens in the men’s groups that happen at the Center for Men’s Excellence?
  • Why do some men struggle finding or deepening relationships with friends?

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