In addition to psychotherapy, dad classes, and group coaching, our therapists are involved in psychological research. A selected list of our therapists’ projects and publications are included below.

Men and Fatherhood Research & Publications

Mindfulness Research & Publications

Trauma & Post Traumatic Growth Research

Academic and E-Learning Research

  • Singley, D.B., and Hurst, C.H. (2011). Comparing E-Learning, Tele-Classes, and Live Trainings: An Analysis of Cost and Training Effectiveness [White paper developed for Essential Learning, LLC].
  • Singley, D.B., Lent, R.W., & Sheu, H.B. (2010). Fostering academic engagement and performance over time: A longitudinal model of social cognitive well-being. Journal of Career Assessment, 18, 133-146.
  • Lent, R.W., Taveira, M., Sheu, H., & Singley, D.B. (2009). Social cognitive predictors of academic adjustment and life satisfaction in Portuguese college students: A longitudinal analysis. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 74, 190-198.
  • Lent, R.W., Sheu, H.B., Singley, D.B., Schmidt, J., Schmidt, L.C., & Gloster, C. (2008). Longitudinal relations of self-efficacy to outcome expectations, interests, and major choice goals in engineering students. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2, 328-335.
  • Lent, R.W., Singley, D.B., Sheu, H.B., Schmidt, J., & Schmidt, L. (2007). Test of a social cognitive model of academic satisfaction in engineering students. Journal of Career Assessment 15, 1 1-11.

Race & Gender Research

  • Singley, D.B. & Sedlacek, W.E. (2009). Differences in Universal-Diverse Orientation by Race and Gender. Journal of Counseling and Development, 4, 404-411.