Intake Paperwork

Prior to the intake evaluation session, clients receive an intake packet which they fill out and bring with them to the first session. These documents will br provided upon the scheduling of your first

Initial Evaluation Session and Goal Setting

An initial evaluation session takes approximately one hour, and during the meeting the therapist and patient assess the fit in working together while establishing a treatment plan which consists of clear interventions aimed at achieving collaboratively-defined goals.

Therapy Sessions

Subsequent sessions generally last 45-50 minutes, and follow the general structure of checking in, reviewing goal progress, covering new psycho-educational topics and material, and collaborative determination of the next round of between-session objectives. In addition to work completed during sessions, patients usually have between-session assignments which involve practicing specific techniques in support of pursuing their treatment goals.

Frequency of Therapy Sessions

Many clients begin with a series of weekly sessions, and then space out to biweekly or monthly sessions as they begin to meet their treatment goals by mastering their new skills. Clients work actively during sessions, and those who consistently practice tools and techniques between sessions show the largest and most rapid improvements.