Dr. Salvatore Dinovo

Stress is an inevitable part of life and aspect of the human condition which, in its unhealthy and extreme forms, can manifest as clinical anxiety, depression, and other problems in living (e.g., substance abuse). Perhaps you have experienced the attendant extremes in thought, behavior, and emotion that are brought about by struggles in modern living but you, like many, have hesitated to ask for help or, after trying various forms of therapy, have not made the progress you expected and you’re questioning whether therapy is right for you. This is where I come into play.

Combining years of rigorous training and experience with empathy, creativity, and humor, I employ research-supported interventions to help clients cope with life’s struggles. I will work collaboratively with you to help you understand your problems/concerns and achieve your personal goals using CBT, DBT, and other evidence-based methods that have been shown, through decades of scientific research, to alleviate suffering and help clients lead more fulfilling lives.

Throughout my career as a clinician, educator, and researcher, I have specialized in working with adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and related syndromes and life challenges.

Doctoral Studies

Dr. Dinovo received his Ph.D. from APA- and PCSAS-Accredited Clinical Psychology Training Program at The Ohio State University. Upon completion of his doctoral studies, Dr. Dinovo continued his program of research and academic instruction in the realms of psychology and public health, including completion of post-doctoral research at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Informed by his training as a cognitive behaviorist, clinical scientist, and educator, Dr. Dinovo brings a wealth of experience treating diverse mental health conditions (particularly anxiety, unipolar depression, bipolar-spectrum, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and substance-use disorders) via evidence-based interventions (e.g., CBT, DBT, ACT) that emphasize client collaboration and align with clients’ unique treatment goals.

Dr. Dinovo has also taught multiple courses on these and related topics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at various colleges and universities.

Dr. Dinovo is a San Diego based licensed psychologist (PSY32390).

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