Online Counseling (Telepsychology) and the Coronavirus

What is telepsychology or telemental health?

Telepsychology or telemental health is the provision of behavioral and/or mental health care services using technological modalities in lieu of, or in addition to, traditional face-to-face methods. Not only does telepsychology increase access to therapy for individuals with physical, medical and/or mobility disabilities, but with COIVD-19 ramping up, telemental health may also be a viable option for individuals to continue their mental health treatment.

Telemental health is effective, has been practiced for years and increases access to care. Research reports that patients and providers are satisfied with a wide variety of services, as patients may have less travel, less absence from work, less time waiting, more clinical choice and control, and better outcomes . Researchers also found that patients find telepsychology to be just as satisfactory of an interaction in videoconferencing as in-person. A study demonstrated the effectiveness of telemental health and how it is equivalent to in-person consultations or evaluations.

The American Psychological Association (APA) provide some answers to frequently asked questions about telehealth including:

Why would I want to use telepsychology?

  • Increased access to services in areas with few mental health resources
  • Increased assess to therapy for individuals who may have difficulty attending therapy on-site
  • Increased access to therapy for individuals with physical, medical and/or mobility disabilities
  • Increased access to specialists regardless of geographic area

What should I ask myself about telepsychology?

  • Will it work for me?
  • Will I feel connected to my psychologist?
  • Do I feel comfortable using technology to receive services?
  • Can I access the technology?

What should I ask my psychologist?

  • Are you licensed in the state where I live?
  • Are there laws or guidelines in my state regulating telehealth and telepsychology?
  • Will this technology be accessible to me?
  • What technology will I need to work with you?

Evidence continues to emerge to support telepsychology as a means to reach a wide array of patients and is considered to be an effective method for delivering mental health services. Our staff psychologists have extensive experience providing therapy via secure, confidential HIPAA-compliant video conference, and we do offer patients the option to conduct sessions virtually or in person. Please contact the Center For Men’s Excellence at (858) 216-1686 or for a free consult to get our answers to any questions you might have.

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