Our psychologists therapeutic approach gives patients the tools they need to manage their own lives more successfully in an ongoing way rather than attending weekly therapy sessions year after year.

Therapy with our psychologists involves pursuing collaboratively-set treatment goals during sessions as well as completing between-session “homework” assignments which involve practicing tools, techniques, and new ways of behaving.

Patients enter therapy with a wide variety of concerns including:

  •   Generalized Anxiety
  •   Social Anxiety/Isolation
  •   Panic Attacks
  •   Depression
  •   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •   Phobias
  •   Chronic Pain
  •   Men’s Issues
  •   Relationship Problems
  •   Stress Management
  •   Anger Management
  •   Substance Abuse
  •   Social/Interpersonal Concerns
  •   Fatherhood/Parent Issues

Developing a solid, supportive working relationship is the foundation of successful therapy and our therapists use only the most effective treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).