Therapy that Works

Research shows that men suffer and die younger because they avoid mental health services

Therapy that Works

In my practice, I specialize in working with men to more effectively manage a variety of concerns that they face including stress, anxiety, depression, anger, substance use, relationship issues – as well as having real trouble with being proactive in getting support from important people in their lives.

The stigma against seeking mental health services is nothing new, and it’s particularly strong among men who are taught to be protectors/providers and above all, “strong.” However, research (Isacco, Hofscher, & Molloy, 2015; Vogel, Wester, Hammer, & Downing-Matibag, 2013) clearly shows that men’s avoidance of help-seeking only makes their mental health issues worse, often compounding into physical/medical ones.

Over time, that avoidance in the name of saving face results in men sacrificing both the quality – and ultimately the quantity – of their lives. This “stuffing” of their concerns is second only to mal-adaptive coping attempts like drinking, drugs, having affairs, gambling, as well compulsive Internet and social media use. Thankfully, there are very well-researched, evidence-based tools and techniques that are proven to help men to more effectively manage their concerns and to thrive in their lives.

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